Beginnings Liberal Education

College: The Long Game

In a recent Huffington Post blog, college is described as “the trophy at the end of long, arduous race. But this is the short view. The long view is that College will set you up for Grad School or Professional School. . . . College is just the first move in a very long game of chess.”

On the one hand, college is the beginning, not the end, of finding one’s place in the world. On the other hand, there is a longer view. College sets you up for graduate school or professional school, but that sets you up—if you are really taking the long view—for lifelong learning.

One can choose an undergraduate experience that will instill the habits of thought and action necessary for success. A liberal education—one that enables a student to take in the whole of existence, rather than just the immediate skills needed to get a good-paying job—is the best foundation.