The year is once again coming to a close. We take time at the holidays to leave work behind and reconnect with family and friends.

Let us try to remember to carve out a little time for quiet—to silently stare at a crackling fire, to sip a warm drink while watching children and pets play in the glistening snow, to gaze up at the sparkling stars in a cloudless winter night.

Plato tells us that the world is “the most beautiful of things that have come to be” (Timaeus 29a5). Beauty—as both he and many other authors continually remind us—is the magnet that draws us upward to the highest objects we can grasp, and onward to the greatest goals we can attain.

May we all have at least a little time this holiday season to open our hearts to the world’s beauty, and to let it inspire us with renewed enthusiasm for our intentions in the year ahead.