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Hiring Grads: What’s Going On? Part III

In Part I and Part II of this four-part series, we have been discussing the competing demands that business makes on the nation’s college graduates: on the one hand, hiring managers expect specialized workers to fill immediate needs; on the other hand, top executives expect independent, self-determining workers to adapt to change and take initiative. Now we ask, Why […]

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Myths About Attending College: Part III

In Part I and Part II of this series, we looked at the first six of nine myths about private colleges debunked by the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU). Let’s finish now with the last three, after which I will say a few words about how these myths are harming prospective students, their parents, and […]

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Myths About Attending College: Part I

College costs are out of control! Middle-class students will be financially ruined by going to college! Only the wealthy can afford a good liberal education! The hype about college costs has generated many myths about higher education, and has driven them deeply into the collective consciousness—where they are wreaking havoc with parents and students trying […]

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College Rankings and Good Judgment

Now is the time of year when various media outlets traditionally release college rankings. St. John’s College has long opposed the very notion of a single-scale college ranking. We believe that the intrinsic diversity and individual character of our nation’s colleges and universities cannot, and therefore should not, be reduced to a single scale. Doing so gives prospective students […]

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The cost of higher education? Not what you think!

Here is an insightful article about something that is not well known to the general public. The cost of higher education has not risen significantly in the past two decades!   When compared to the increases in many consumer commodities over the same period, a college education continues to be a sound investment. […]

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Why the World Needs St. John’s College (Part III)

The first post in this series argued that the world needs St. John’s College for its graduates—well-grounded people who are fully capable of adapting to and mastering changing conditions because they are self-reliant in the highest degree. The second post highlighted several of our graduates, and described the wide diversity of lives they have cultivated […]