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College: The Long Game

In a recent Huffington Post blog, college is described as “the trophy at the end of long, arduous race. But this is the short view. The long view is that College will set you up for Grad School or Professional School. . . . College is just the first move in a very long game […]

Beginnings Seminar

Back to School—for Parents!

Across the nation at this time of year, parents are sending their children back to school. Although all five of mine are now adults, I remember well the feeling of getting them all back into their school routines, and how their first day back seemed like a vacation for me! This feeling was captured a […]



I love beginnings. I love them because with each one I get to start over again. I get another chance to go straight or get it right. As the school year opens at St. John’s, the students will begin their reading and studying again—the freshmen with the Iliad, the sophomores with Genesis, the juniors with […]